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God Always Was and Always Will Be

Last Sunday was our first official week in our “The Ology” lessons: God’s name and He is eternal. Wow! What an awesome place to start. Of course we started off with a lot of “I don’t understand” and “but how?” (Likewise as the teachers prepared for the lessons) We focused on the fact that names have meaning and the Bible uses many names to describe God. We can learn a lot about who He is by exploring the different names He goes by. Our discussions then shifted to God being everlasting. He has no beginning, no middle, and no end! We contrasted this with the things we see around us. Look at the acorn. God created that tiny thing to become a huge oak tree! An apple seed has the ability to become an apple tree and produce more apples. We were born as babies and are growing and changing everyday, but Our God is not like that at all. He didn’t have to grow up so that He could lay the foundations of the world, nor does He grow old. Therefore, we never have to worry about Him not sustaining His creation. We wanted to leap for joy as we were explaining and also realizing this glorious truth! This is why we can put our full trust in Him. He is eternal, and He NEVER changes. He is the constant we can depend on.

“Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God!” -Psalm 90:2

We are looking forward to next week with excitement and anticipation as to what God has in store.

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