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Wednesday Night Bible Study & Prayer - 7:00pm

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Monday Morning Musings

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How the Moral Majority made us the Moral Minority

The "Moral Majority" is the title given to a movement, formalized in 1979 by Jerry Falwell and Robert Grant, which arguably had its roots in the earlier resurgence of theological conservatism within the Southern Baptist Convention, specifically within its Seminaries. Falwell might be credited (some might say blamed) for taking the next step in that resurgence which was to ...

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Google, Sanctification & Communication

Recognizing that there are many variables to consider in evaluating the data such as website appearance, accessability, content, etc. I was still convicted by what it might suggest about our site, and more specifically about me and the ministry we had hoped to provide through the site....

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Hitch Your Wagon Wisely

From my childhood, I used to often hear the sage advice of my elders who said, "Be careful what you hitch your wagon to!" The obvious meaning being "be sure you know where the wagon train is heading before you join it!" That’s proved to be pretty good counsel through the years....

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Good & Pleasant at Unity Baptist Church

How good and pleasant it was to dwell, even if for only a few days, in unity with my brethren at Unity Baptist Church....

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Profound Clarity From a Three Year Old

Determined to communicate my seriousness I rose from my recliner, pointed my finger rigidly toward her, raised my voice to a firm, demanding tone and said “GET DOWN...NOW!” ...

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Where Are You Living?

That’s what I want! That’s the yearning of my heart! To live above the fray! ...

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"Building With Bricks is Unbiblical?"

Could it be that an insidious error has crept into the church? Could it be that our buildings reflect this error in their very construction? Ridiculous you say? I can prove it...from the Bible!...

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A Unity to be Avoided

"Unity" is not a coming together but a repression of differences...a conscious decision to "forget about it" and "move on." This is a "Unity" to be avoided!...

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Oh! How Precious the Death!

"Life with the Lord is very beautiful! You have a vain life, hollow, without hope. The Lord is waiting for you!"...

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Aiding & Abetting the Enemy

there is a betrayer lurking; hidden in the fog of the war raging within us. He’s "aiding and abetting the enemy" within our own hearts. He’s providing material support to the enemy within us who would rob us of our freedom....

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