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Following Christ, without reservation!

Sunday Worship -11:00am & 6:00pm

Sunday School - 9:45am

Wednesday Night Bible Study & Prayer - 7:00pm

Church Address

2320 East Broad Street

Statesville, NC 28625


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At Diamond Hill we believe that true worship is the response of the believer to an encounter with the risen Christ; that we are to worship God in “spirit and in truth.” With this in mind we view our music as an instrument through which we call one another to contemplate the greatness and glory of our God and by His gracious blessing, encounter the risen Christ. Our music then becomes the “worshipful” instrument through which we express the blessedness of that encounter. We have found this guiding principle to be a great aid in avoiding the dreaded “worship wars” in which “worship” itself so often becomes the casualty. It also allows for an increasing inter-generational appreciation among our membership of the several styles of music utilized in the worship of our God at Diamond Hill. Representative of these various styles, Diamond Hill is blessed with numerous gifted soloists and instrumentalists in both contemporary and traditional genres. A typical worship service at Diamond Hill might include congregational singing from the Baptist Hymnal, contemporary praise music led by live vocalists and guitarists, soloists, and responsive reading from the Scriptures. Preeminent over music styles at Diamond Hill is the theological consistency of the lyrics we sing. We believe that it is impossible to worship God in “Truth” while singing lyrics that describe Him falsely so every song utilized in our worship is scrutinized carefully for its theological soundness. We hope members and visitors alike who join us for worship will recognize very early that worship is important to us and is in fact, the primary purpose for our gathering!

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